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Hello! We are Hetton Independent Methodist Church


All Services and activities are suspended until further norice!

Hetton IM Church is a a community of ordinary people whose lives have been changed by the good news of Jesus Christ. Our greatest desire is to glorify God as we help each other know God and to live out our faith in Jesus together.

Anyone is welcome to come along to any of our meetings or activities; you don’t have to be ‘religious’.

We try to make what we do understandable and helpful to people today.

We look forward to seeing you at Hetton IM Church soon. On Sundays we meet at 10.30am and 5.30pm, where you can expect solid Bible preaching and teaching. Our Sunday School meets at 2:00pm each Sunday and caters for youngster from the age of 3 upwards.

Throughout each week there is also a calendar of meetings and other activities for all age groups that help to serve everyone within Hetton IM Church, and, occasionally, there are extra events, including guest speakers from near and far.

Hetton I.M. Church is not just open for services on a Sunday. Throughout the week there are groups and activities that meet which may be of interest to you. Have a look at the “Weekly Activities’ page.


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