Women’s Auxiliary

For Christ, the church and the home.


The Womans Auxiliary is normally held on Monday’s from 2-3pm.

They have informal fellowship when a guest is invited to speak, and once a month incorporate a craft meeting where they make cards, arrange flowers, prepare hygiene bags for Africa and knit baby clothes.

The Womens Auxiliary is co-ordinated by Dorothy Rogers.

March 2011. Project for Africa.

The ladies of Hetton Independent Methodist Church Women’s Auxiliary group would like to thank everyone who helped with their latest aid project for Africa. The following items were made and collected together to be dispatched in April.

  • 90 handbags each containing at least 6 items of toiletries, jewellery and makeup.
  • 60 hygiene bags each containing 9 toiletry items.
  • 136 baby vests
  • 19 bags of clothing
  • 60 pillowcases
  • 7 crochet blankets
  • and 1 bag each of curtains, shoes and cushion covers.